A Monument That is Perfect for My Grandpa

I wanted to pick out the best tombstone for my grandfather. When he passed away, it was a very hard time for the family, and we had to make all kinds of instant decisions. I knew that picking out what would be his final message to the world was something that I could take my time on. About two months after the funeral, I was ready to start looking at monuments in Morristown NJ. The grief and sadness was still present, but there was also a peace that did pass all understanding, and that was what I was clinging to.

I took one day just to look at the different monument companies in the region. This type of company is just like any other in that there are ones that are definitely better than others. I wanted to pick the monument company that was going to provide a lasting tribute to my grandfather that would be beautiful and strong, and I wanted to work with people who were going to be respectful of the process. After looking at different companies, one definitely stood out above all the others, making my decision very easy.

I liked that there was not just one look for the different kinds of monuments. I wanted black marble as part of the design, even though most monuments you see are between ivory and a gray color. Black was his favorite color though, and I thought it would look impressive with white lettering and a few pictures etched into the marble. I knew that I wanted an angel on there, because his faith in angels was extremely strong. I also wanted a dog etched onto the stone, because he has always had dogs. They were always a part of his family, not just considered as pets. I was able to get the perfect monument for him from this company, and it looks amazing.