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A Monument That is Perfect for My Grandpa

I wanted to pick out the best tombstone for my grandfather. When he passed away, it was a very hard time for the family, and we had to make all kinds of instant decisions. I knew that picking out what would be his final message to the world was something that I could take my time on. About two months after the funeral, I was ready to start looking at monuments in Morristown NJ. The grief and sadness was still present, but there was also a peace that did pass all understanding, and that was what I was clinging to.

I took one day just to look at the different monument companies in the region. Continue reading

This is the Kind of Trump News I Want

I may not have voted for the leader of America, but that does not mean I want him to fail. I was actually on the fence on who I wanted to win the election, because I felt that both of the leading candidates had a lot of good ideas. When he won, I was not disappointed, but I was not sure what it really meant for our country either. I did not bury my head in the sand though. I devoured as much Trump news as I could in those first few months of his presidency.

One thing that I noticed during that time was that a lot of the news that I was reading just did not have a lot of relevance to it. We were no longer talking about a billionaire celebrity slash businessman. This is the man who is perhaps the most powerful person in the world now. Continue reading