Lasers That Can Reduce Redness

Before I went to a Singapore aesthetic clinic, I didn’t really know there was much a person could do about rosacea. If you are not familiar with the condition, it’s a thing where your face gets very red and blotchy. It can look like acne, but not quite because it isn’t as localized. It usually spreads across your face. In my case the worst spots have always been my upper cheeks and my nose. I’ve had since I was a kid and it usually comes and goes, but when it comes it’s just awful to look at and causes a bit of pain and discomfort.

I recently went through a fair amount of stress and in no time at all I had an outbreak. Very disappointing and of course using make up to hide it only seemed to make the outbreak worse. I decided to look into treatment options to see if something could be done about it. I hadn’t bothered to try and find anything to help in a number of years and I thought maybe they’ve developed something during that time that could alleviate the outbreak. I looked into a clinic nearby that offered laser treatments.

Why not give it a shot? From my understanding, they use something called a yellow laser and it supposedly works very well on this condition as well as a few others involving small blood vessels. I went in for an appointment and got the treatment (which didn’t hurt at all by the way) and waited to see the results. I didn’t have to wait long. My rosacea lessened considerably fairly quickly, although I had to undergo another procedure some time after the first one. Considering all the smelly creams and ointments I used to no effect back in the old days, I’ll take this yellow laser treatment any day of the week. It really helped.