The Boss Took Me to SLC

We got in the company plane and flew to Utah right after work. Of course I knew all about the boss’ reputation for chasing women and the guys in accounting tried to convince me that I was supposed to keep him on the leash. I could just imagine what he would do if some guy he hardly knew tried to tell him what to do. When we got out of the plane there was a long white limousine waiting for us and three beautiful escorts in salt lake city were waiting for us, all of them in short cocktail dresses with a lot of cleavage on display. He lined them up and looked them over like a general inspecting the troops and then pointed at me. A beautiful red haired girl came over and grasped my arm with a huge grin. He then turned to me and told me that she was going to make sure that I stayed out of his personal business while we were there. I did not feel any need to argue with the man.

It is not like I was paying for her, or that I had a wife or a girlfriend to complain. At least it does not seem like I have a girlfriend since Jane has not been returning my calls since the company sent her to Wisconsin. It was not that great of a relationship to start with and I assume it was the end when she moved without even really telling me. At any rate I immediately noticed that this girl seemed to genuinely enjoy her work or at least she convinced me of this almost immediately. She seemed determined to get my pants off as quickly as she could, without waiting for us to get behind the door of my hotel room even.