This is the Kind of Trump News I Want

I may not have voted for the leader of America, but that does not mean I want him to fail. I was actually on the fence on who I wanted to win the election, because I felt that both of the leading candidates had a lot of good ideas. When he won, I was not disappointed, but I was not sure what it really meant for our country either. I did not bury my head in the sand though. I devoured as much Trump news as I could in those first few months of his presidency.

One thing that I noticed during that time was that a lot of the news that I was reading just did not have a lot of relevance to it. We were no longer talking about a billionaire celebrity slash businessman. This is the man who is perhaps the most powerful person in the world now. I wanted real news that was going to inform me, not news that was just going to tear him down or talk about what he or his wife is wearing or how they are raising their child. That is why I began looking for a better news source.

I was able to find it when I came across a website quite by accident. I had done a search on a particular piece of news I wanted to learn more about, and that is how I found the site that is dedicated to important news about our president. This site has a lot of sources that it pulls from, including the major news sites. What is different though is that it focuses on real news. I am able to read about news that involves Trump and his actions on immigration, North Korea, terrorism, natural disasters, and much more. This is the kind of news that I want to read, which is why I am very happy I found this site.