Virtual Fun with New Friends

While staying at the Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, I learned how to play pool with some friends. They don’t play pool the normal way that everyone would expect. Since none of us owned a pool table, they’ve been playing with a virtual reality head set and controllers. Once the headset is on, it mimics the environment of a pool hall, complete with a table, cues, balls, lights, and even people sitting around drinking their drinks. If you didn’t know beforehand, you would think that it was the real thing. Technology is quite amazing in that regard.

I didn’t know how to play at all when I first started, but I picked up the game pretty quickly. Using the pool cues is kind of funny because you’re holding the controllers and they’re supposed to mimic what a real cue is like, but it takes a little practice to get it to move just the way you want it to while trying to line up a good shot that will hit the balls into the right pockets. It took a while before I was able to get a good shot going, but once I figured it out, it was quite fun.

We decided to have a mini tournament to decide who was the best player out of all of us. I competed with the best of my abilities, but I didn’t win. It was fine, because I still had fun while playing the game, and I learned a lot while trying to beat the others. I think I can really beat all of the other guys with enough experience. The game isn’t one that can be just mastered in a day, but given how well I’ve been doing since picking up the game, it’s only a matter of time until I become the top player.