What Is Nursing Informatics

Just 10 years ago if someone had instructed you their activity name become a Nursing Informatics Clinical Project Manager or Clinical Informatics Specialist you in all likelihood would have starred at them and said “What?” This uniqueness in nursing has exploded over the last decade and will continue to grow as nursing movements into the data generation international.

What is Nursing Informatics?

The informatics nurse is someone who’s involved in activities that focus on the strategies and technologies of statistics for nurses, combining statistics technological know-how, laptop technological know-how, and health care to create sources, devices, and methods required to optimize the securing, garage, retrieval and use of statistics in healthcare. This allows nurses to control data efficaciously within the direct care of patients/customers.

What do nurses working in informatics do?

Their job duties range- they could include being a undertaking manager, fitness statistics manager, helping or designing the software program for nurses, instructing nurses on how to use the software/program, writing education applications or imposing the clinical information structures for an employer. HIMSS and the American Nurses Informatics websites are first rate places to move so one can provides statistics on Nurse Informatics function, profession guide, associations, undertaking management center and plenty more.

Jobs in Health IT

Acute care facilities
Long Term Care corporations
Private Companies or Vendors
Education/Training applications
Self employed as an independent contractor in numerous distinctive areas (just to name a few) – software program clothier, educator or writing continuing education or guides and consulting.

Here is a listing of a few process titles you may see which might be a Nursing Informatics (NI) job.

Implementation Specialist
Clinical Analyst
Project Manager
RN – Information Systems
Nurse Specialist Informatics
Nurse Clinical Consultant
Systems Analyst


Salaries begin at $60,000 in Long Term Care facilities to $127,000 in Consulting. I see this field having tremendous potential for nurse marketers.

If you have got a heritage in HI technology and are interested by this area than Go for It! With the fitness care industry going to Electronic Health Records Nursing Informatics will continue to grow and be in excessive call for.